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HKS Consult

By Henrik K. Søndergaard


HKS Consult has more than 20 years experience as Engineer, Project Manager and Product Manager in the wind turbine business.


HKS Consult is certified Senior Project Manager, IPMA B



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HKS Consult offers a range of services within project management, product design and product management.





  • Wind Turbine Design


HKS Consult offers

  • Qualified assesment of wind turbine design for both onshore and offshore gearbox and direct drive turbines.
  • Reliability analysis - overall design of reliability
  • FMEA analysis





  • Product Management


HKS Consult offers

  • Product road map reviews
  • Business case calculations
  • Product cost analysis
  • Cost og Energy calculations
  • etc.





  • Wind Farm Assessment


 HKS Consult offers

  • Calculation of wind farm economy
  • Calculation of CoE, NPV, IRR, Payback period etc.
  • Easy to handle tool Win2Eco


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