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"Plans are nothing. Planning is everything." Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Successive Principle gives the base for robust planning.



For example, the method increased the Norwegian government’s success rate for major complex projects from 20% to 80%!

With this method, as a project director, portfolio manager, project owner or project manager, you can make a crystal clear case in front of your executive management, providing a clear picture of:

  1. How the projects’ risk affects the company’s capital
  2. How the projects really contribute to the company’s profits
  3. How the projects can be optimised to increase profits
  4. How robust plans can be ensured using front-loaded resources
  5. How ownership and motivation can be created in the projects

In this way, the company can make real prioritisations between projects, which provide different contributions to EBIT under different risk conditions.

CREATE TRUST in the stock, CREATE A SENSE OF CONTROL in the executive management, CREATE DIRECTION in the PMO office, CREATE SECURITY for the project owner and CREATE MOTIVATION among the project participants.

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CHALLENGES: Many companies experience budget overruns and delays in their projects. This may be due to many reasons. For example:

  • Uncertainties within the project’s surroundings are omitted from the estimate.
  • The project is estimated with only one single estimate (value) per task.
  • The project is estimated by too few participants and often from the same perspectives (too few risks are identified).

THE SOLUTION: HKS-Consult uses the Successive Principle to gain an effective estimate, which ensures robust budgets and plans. The project is estimated from top-down, and only tasks with the greatest uncertainty are selected, so that you focus on the right things, save time and avoid unnecessary details.

The Successive Principle has been used in 1000 projects throughout Scandinavia and the UK and it has been proved to enhance project budgets and plans. Moreover, it ensured many projects won requests for propoals and tenders.

The method can be used on smaller projects and on major complex projects, in all types of industries and sectors, e.g. from investing in a holiday home to complex offshore wind farms.

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Interim project management. Get quick help based on more than 20 years of experience in small to large complex projects.



GET AN EXPERIENCE PROJECT MANAGER TODAY: Do you need an experienced project manager to assist in a hectic working environment?

Then contact HKS-Consult, a company that has a practical approach to solving project execution, based on more than 20 years of experience. HKS-Consult works in Product Development, New Product Implementation, and Outsourcing within the fields of EngineeringHW/SW and Change Management.

This means as a manager, you gain a clear picture of the project, including:

  1. Deliverables (Work Breakdown System)
  2. A robust budget based on effective estimation
  3. A robust schedule
  4. Front-loading of man hours
  5. The project’s options for optimising the investment

This means that some of the absolutely basic requirements for ensuring that a project is planned and implemented is covered. As a manager, you gain fast and qualified help for your project and ensure that it succeeds as expected.

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CHALLENGES: In a hectic working environment, it can quickly become apparent that you need an experienced project manager today. This may be due to many reasons. For example:

  • An urgent project task that needs to be solved immediately.
  • An employee has quit his or her job at short notice.
  • A new position needs to be temporarily filled by someone until the right candidate is hired.

THE SOLUTION: HKS-Consult supplies experienced certified project managers who can quickly take on the tasks, create an overview and deliver results in a short space of time.

For example, Henrik K Søndergaard has 20 years of experience as a project manager, which means he can quickly become involved in the new project, creating an overview and devising the planning in the project.

We can help you with the development of Development Projects, Mechanical Designs, HW/SW, New Product Implementation, Outsourcing of Products, PMO tasks, Development of the Project Model and much more.

GUARANTEE: HKS-Consult guarantees that our project managers meet all of the agreed expectations. In the unlikely event that our project manager does not meet your expectations in the first two weeks, we will find another project manager or supplier for your company at no extra cost.

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