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About us

HKS-Consult has more than 20 years of experience in industry, providing project management, engineering and more. Assignments are primarily but not limited to, project management, technical project management, system engineering and business case analysis.

HKS-Consult can also facilitate workshops, analyses, exchange and sound out ideas with managers and can coach employees.


  • Senior Project Manager, IPMA level B Certified
  • Master of Science in Engineering, Aalborg University
  • Qualified Psychotherapist, Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Aarhus University
  • A large number of completed courses in project management, business management, professional board of directors’ work, creative development processes, communication, coaching, etc.
  • More than 20 years of experience working with medium-sized and major complex projects (> 500 man-years) within development, including new products, HW/SW platforms with embedded technology, etc.
  • Business Case analyses of product lifecycle and wind farms (> EUR 5 billion).


HKS-Consult works for small and major companies. When working with major companies, it is extremely important that a network is quickly established, which can utilise the necessary knowledge and put together the project team.

HKS-Consult can supply different competencies in cooperation with other consultants and in accordance with the client’s needs to ensure that the tasks are executed efficiently and successfully.


  • Project management: Small to major projects, development, product implementation, outsourcing, etc.
  • Product development of complex mechanical systems and HW/SW platforms.


  • Setting up of vison, metaphors, goals, requirement specifications, including Work Breakdown System (WBS), etc.
  • Business Cases: Setting up, optimisation and risk analysis
  • Technical analysis: FMEA’s Risk and Opportunity Management, etc.
  • Stakeholder analyses and communication plan
  • Communication: Transactional Analysis model, Enneagram of Personality, etc.
  • Personal profile analyses: DISC, e-stimate® Profiles etc. via partners
  • Exchanging and sounding out of ideas: Professional exchanging and sounding out of ideas to develop your competencies
  • Coaching: Gain insight into your challenges and new ways forward


  • Access to valuable experience and toolbox
  • Opportunity to devise robust budgets and plans – which don’t go awry
  • Opportunity to have better management of the company’s project portfolio
  • Opportunity to manoeuvre and choose the right projects
  • Opportunity to increase EBIT
  • Opportunity to an Advisory Board for inspiration to senior management and executive boards

HKS-Consult ApS is owned and operated by Henrik K. Søndergaard, Aarhus, Denmark.

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Vision: HKS-Consult, in collaboration with other professionals, wishes to support and develop the business of the individual company in the best possible way within the given framework.

Mission: HKS-Consult, together with management, employees and other consultants, creates meaningful and valuable results that support the company in achieving its goals as effectively as possible.

The means: HKS-Consult works with other expert consultants, ensuring versatility and continuity.

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ETHICS – The way we behave

Our ethics:

  • We are professional in everything we do
  • We are open-minded and sincere dialogue with everyone we meet and collaborate with
  • We create good collaboration environments, ensuring everyone is valued, allowing everyone to engage actively in open constructive dialogue.

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