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We aim to offer a clear website with the content that is most relevant to you. In the following, we describe how we use cookies on HKS-Consult’s website.

At we use cookies to remember your settings, statistics and to target content.

Cookies on

The website uses cookies to remember your settings, statistics and to target content. This information is used for our own purposes only and is not shared with third parties.

The following describes what cookies are used, what purposes they are used for, and how to avoid and delete cookies.

Version 1.0, Last updated 7 / 7-2020

1. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser in order to recognize your computer on return visits.
A cookie can contain text, numbers or e.g. a date. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain viruses.

2. How long cookies are stored

Different cookies have different lifespans, depending on the individual cookie’s function. When a cookie reaches its set life, it deletes itself. With each new visit to the site, all cookies are renewed.

3. How to avoid and delete cookies

You can choose which cookies we may use when visiting the site. You can also block cookies in your internet browser, where you can change settings to block cookies and can delete stored cookies.

However, as a user you should be aware that if you delete or block cookies through your browser, the website will not work 100% optimally.

Here you can see how to delete cookies in your browser:

4. What cookies are used for at

We use cookies to identify who uses our website and to recognize users from visit to visit. Likewise, we use them to create demographic and user-related statistics.

That way, we get a better knowledge of our users, and it allows us to customize content and services to suit your and the other users’ interests, and we can show our users more relevant content and marketing materials.

4.1 Other Third Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies that are used to share information with third parties about the traffic on a website.

Third-party cookies are not used on and we do not share your information with others.

5. Change of your consent to the use of cookies on

Changing your consent to the use of cookies on is done via the following link:

Cookies used

A. Required cookies:

Cookie-name: cookies.js

  • Expires after 1 year
    Saves the user’s cookie consent mode for the website. Used to remember which cookies you allow or do not allow for the website.

B. Statistics cookies

– Google Analytics :

Cookie-name : _ga

  • B. Statis Expires after 2 years
    Detects a unique ID used to keep statistics on how the visitor uses the website.tik cookies.

Cookie-name : _gat_UA-99999999-9

  • Expires after 90 days
    Used to gather information about how visitors use the website. We use this information cookie to keep statistics and improve the user experience.

Cookie-name vn : _gid

  • Expires after 24 hours.
    Registers a unique ID that is used to keep statistics on how the visitor uses the website.

B. 1. The Website collects information on:

  • IP address
  • operating System
  • Browser version
  • Country of Origin
  • Visited web pages
  • Referring page or page where the visitors come from
  • Links clicked

C. Third-party cookies and marketing cookies

  • Not used on