HKS-Consult collaborates with different consultancies and networks. This means that HKS-Consult can provide its clients with access to a wide range of professional competencies.


Modern companies require efficiency, and you only have a short time to execute project management. For example, prepare a project’s start-up. This means you need competent people who use efficient methods and effective tools.

Valuable Network

  • HKS-Consult collaborates with consultancies with a wide range of competencies, whose resources include technical draughtsmen, engineers, project managers and directors
    • DIS | CREADIS Innovative Engineering Danish Department | Product Development, Special Machinery, Innovation, Cost Down
    • Advantek .dk| Project Management and technical consultancy services for industry
    • FRECON | Concept Development, Project Management, Design, Analytical Calculation, FEM Prototypes, Visualisation
    • Licthenberg & Partners | Estimation and project planning
    • RDAS | Research & Development | Product Development, Production Equipment, Test Systems, Lifting Equipment, Service & Installation

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Consultancies with strong profiles

HKS-Consult collaborates with a large number of professional consultancies. This ensures that our clients acquire the required competencies and that there is backup capacity should it be required in cases of illness.

The consultancies in HKS-Consult’s network also have a wide range of experience in project management, product development, system engineering, cost engineering, and this means more competencies can be utilised as required.

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Knowledge gains value when it is shared

Knowledge gains value when it is shared with others. It is therefore extremely important that analyses, workshops etc., are organised to ensure that everyone can provide input and share knowledge.

HKS-Consult focuses on this in both project work and engineering and it has extensive experience in facilitating workshops and group work.

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