HKS Consult works with a wide network of companies in the energy sector and in others industries with different types of client – from small companies, where the potential for improvement is large, to major companies, where the efficient execution of tasks in a hectic working environment is important.


We assist our clients in a range of various tasks.

Examples of tasks

  • Analysis
    • Business case analysis techniques
    • Risk assessment of business cases in the billion euro size
    • Stakeholder analysis for medium to large complex projects
    • SMART objectives, SWOT, FMEA, complexity and risk analysis
  • Training project managers
    • Stakeholder analyses
    • Robust estimation technique
  • Interim project management
    • Planning and execution of outsourcing projects
    • Implementation of a product upgrade across product platforms
  • Engineering analysis
    • Technology Screening and business case effect analysis
  • Lectures – e.g.
    • Lecture for master students: ReThink Estimations
    • Lecture for professional project managers: Robust Estimations – The Successive Principle
  • Executive board
    • Executive presentaion of major projects for PMO and the direction
  • Advisory boards for executive boards
    • ReThink budget and project control
    • ReThink budget estimations and get control of EBIT
    • ReThink risk-controlled bids – win better orders

Ensure your company gains valuable inspiration and improve the management of cost, timelines and EBIT.

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Courtesy: Vattenfall

Vattenfall: Risk assessment of business case of a major offshore windfarm

Vattenfall wanted an external analysis of a significant business case for a major wind farm.

HKS-Consult set out a business case based on the client’s input and a subsequent three-point estimation of the project’s surroundings, energy production, earnings, plant and operations costs.

This resulted in new information for business cases, by which the client could ask more questions about the project investment, risk, preconditions and opportunities.

Order an calculation example of Krieker’s Flak offshore park, and this calculation was presented at the Wind Power Monthly Conference in Hamburg.

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Henning Larsen’s Tegnestue – Stakeholder Analyses

Henning Larsen’s Architects wanted to know more about stakeholder analysis.

HKS-Consult conducted a course in stakeholder analyses, where the participants identified potential stakeholders through a large plan for a major project. After that, the participants placed interested cards on the plan based on where the stakeholder’s influence and contributions.

Participants trained in various stakeholder analyses and with a live case where the stekeholder cardholder was placed on the plan.

Subsequently, the group could perform a detailed collection of stakeholder analysis and see which stakeholders were the most important to deal with.

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