HKS-Consult works with a wide network of companies in the energy sector and in others industries with different types of client – from small companies, where the potential for improvement is large, to major companies, where the efficient execution of tasks in a hectic working environment is important.


Our clients are from medium-sized and major companies.

Examples of tasks

  • Faroese Electrical Utility: Preparation and analysis of a project worth approx. DKK 650 million, with presentation to the board of directors
  • Henning Larsen architecture practice: Training in stakeholder analyses
  • Siemens Wind Power: Implementation of a product upgrade across the wind turbine platforms
  • Siemens Wind Power: Planning and execution of an outsourcing project
  • Vattenfall: Technology and OPEX Screening of wind turbines
  • Vattenfall: Risk assessment of offshore windfarm project. Project size – Euro billions
  • German client: Risk assessment of offshore windfarm project
  • Vestas: Project management in Power Solutions department.
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Faroese Electrical Utility: Preparation of a project start-up

The Faroese electrical utility SVE, was preparing to initiate what would be at the time, its biggest ever modernisation project, worth DKK 750 million. The management needed an expert assessment of how the project could be started.

HKS-Consult contributed with a large mind map analysis that included an analysis of Why, What, How and When. Subsequently, it was decided that a three dimensional stakeholder analysis should be carried out, as the project had many stakeholders who were important for the project’s success. This would enable the management to have an overview of the project.

These analyses were subsequently presented to the board of directors.

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Interim project management in the energy industry

HKS-Consult works in the energy industry, including the wind turbine industry, with small to lage projects.

HKS-Consult provides interim project manager in, for example, offshore projects with new product implementation (NPI), product upgrades, outsouting and new development.

Tasks are typically project scoping, risk analysis, budgeting, stakeholder management and communication. This includes the practical execution of the projects in a hectic working environment, where there are many competing projects in the project portfolio.

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