Many people will be able to tell you that they have downloaded different methods and tools in the past, which took a long time to use. With these simple tools, you can quickly get started.

What valuable downloads can you get here?

You can download various simple tools from here, such as slides, articles, etc., which can help your project or company gain insight into the methods.

Download – The Successive Principle

  • Successive estimation: Simple spreadsheet “How long does it take to change a tyre on a car?”
  • Successive estimation: Estimation of project costs or time
  • Successive estimation of business cases: Simple model

Download – Other tools

  • Three-dimensional stakeholder analysis – create clear focus
  • Score cards for SMART objectives and stakeholder analysis

Download – Articles

  • Danish project management: “Does the business case = the project case?”
  • Danish project management: “Uncertain business cases. From false certainty to true uncertainty”
  • Norwegian public projects: ‘Anslagsmetoden’ – a full description of the method and the procedure

Download – articles by others

  • FSR – danske revisorer (association of Danish accountants): Risk management from the point of view of the board of directors
  • The Danish Road Directorate’s own use of The Successive Principle
  • Norway: “Anslagsmetoden” – Complete method description of Successive Principle
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Download HKS-Consult Articles and Effective Tools

You can download very interesting articles and simple tools here, which can support you as a project manager or department manager.

Find estimation tools, business case tools, articles on how you do things, etc.

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Download Other Articles and Tools

Download very interesting articles written by other people here or download simple tools, which can support you as a project manager or department manager.

Find the “Anslagsmetoden” (The Successive Principle as it is used in the public sector in Norway), learn about other people’s experiences using The Successive Principle and readother interesting articles.

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