HKS Consult offers Efficient Project Management based on more than 20 years of practical project management in various types of companies.


Many people will be able to tell you that they have implemented some kind of project management in the past and discovered it was laborious and inefficient.


Modern companies require efficiency. For example, we only have a short time to prepare a project’s start-up, risk analysis, estimation, etc. This means that you must choose efficient methods and effective tools along the way, and scale in accordance with the project’s complexity, strategic importance, scope, etc.


HKS-Consult provides interim project management, where the company quickly gets value, since the project manager has extensive experience in different types of projects of varying complexity and size.

Efficient methods

  • Successive estimation of project costs.
  • Involvement of key stakeholders who contribute to the project.
  • Visual project planning with posters, cards and task list with duration of the tasks.
  • Engaging participants using visual means and by making them stand up.
  • Workshops with a facilitator, ensuring time is used efficiently, and people don’t get sidetracked.

Effective tools

  • Brainstorming and negative brainstorming (how to ruin the project).
  • SWOT: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats – analysis.
  • IPMA’s complexity analysis: The degree of complexity greatly determines whether the project requires a high, low, medium project management effort.
  • SMART objectives : Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Timely
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Visual Planning Workshop – Rapidly Acquire Plans That Work

Shown here is a hardware and software group, who work together on making a visual plan. It became apparent that the group could quickly set out a plan and understand the relationship between deliverables and moving them around, so that the plan became optimised.

In addition, the participants gained a high degree of ownership of the plan – it was not something that the project management had made, and it took shorter time compared to if the project manager had to do it alone!

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Efficient Teams – Ensure Engagement and Progress

A group works at becoming a team. Strandgaard Consulting carried out an excellent training course with a major hardware, software and mechanics group, which was tasked with developing a completely new wind turbine control system. This required very good collaboration across professional fields.

Via simple indoors and outdoors exercises, the groups achieved a shared understanding of being in a team, in theory and in their daily work.

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