HKS-Consult is a dealer of the handbook ‘Proactive Management of Uncertainty using The Successive Principle’. See a video, click on the photo above.

The book is about:

  • Proactive        – i.e. do something before the events occur
  • Management – i.e. that it must be managed and controlled
  • Uncertainty   – i.e. that there are uncertainties that consist of risks and opportunities to improve the projects
  • Successive      – i.e. that one is gradually / iteratively searching for the main uncertainties
  • Principle         – i.e. that one follows a principle which include an analysis procedure

The chapters:

  1. The mission, the readers and their needs
  2. The Successive Principle and its group analysis process
  3. The qualitative phase of the process (Content)
  4. The quantitative and final phase of the process (Numbers)
  5. Theory, evaluation technique, and more advanced calculations models
  6. Basic applications
  7. Profitability analyses
  8. Timing or scheduling analyses
  9. Further applications, experiences and examples
  10. Case studies
  11. New references (at present only in the Danish version)
  12. Scaling & implementation (at present only in the Danish version)

Specimen solutions and answers to exercises.

Selected references.

The book can be used for:

  • Getting a basic insight into the method
  • To get specific knowledge about the theoretical background, e.g. Bayesian theory
  • To be part of teaching and training material

It is also the facilitators’ handbook, so they are dressed for e.g. questions about the underlying theory and practical approach.


Prices are excl. VAT, freight, customs and any other expenses in related with the purchase of a book / books. The book is issued in an English version and the Danish version is expected issued in September 2021.

1-3 books:  55 Euros / book

4-10 books: 50 Euros / book

Over 10 books: Request a quote.

The PDF verison (From april 2021)

1-3 PDF books: 58 Euros / book

4-10 PDF books: 55 Euros / book

More than 10 PDF books: Request a quote.

When purchasing the physical handbook and the PDF version at the same time, a 25% discount is given. The PDF version is sold as personal user licenses with a password.

Use ‘Inquire further formular‘ for ordering.

The books can be sent worldwide. Expedition time between 3 and 5 days outside regular holiday periods.


See more on YouTube. Find the video by searching ‘Successive Principle Handbook‘.

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HKS-Consult and partners offer to organize workshops where a project, a business case, an tender offer or a project portfolio is analyzed.

The analysis may, for example, be focused on an overall schedule, budget, bidding or an analysis of the company’s portfolio to optimize the good projects and stop the ‘bad’ projects.

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HKS-Consult trains employees to become facilitators specializing in implementing Successive Workshops with different types of analyzes.

The training includes, for example:

  • Introduction to the underlying theory
  • Training in the psychological pitfalls to avoid
  • Training via own or case projects

Requirements for the participant are:

  • That the person has previously facilitated project groups
  • That the person is curious on their own way to act in a group process
  • That the person works with positive feedback
  • That the person is open-minded and curious about how a process is carried out

The training can be done in Danish, English or ‘Scandinavian’


  • The company gets more Robust Budgets & Plans – that keeps
  • The company increases its project efficiency and competitiveness
  • The company as a minimum stabilizes or better increases its EBIT
  • The company can more easily recruit qualified employees
  • The company experiences less stress in the projects and with the employees

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