We must:

  • Take care of each other
  • Reduce travel time and carbon emissions
  • Ensure efficient meetings crossing many boarders and cultures

Metaphor: From ordinary cinema to drive-in cinema

We can’t any more always sit close in the same meeting room. Hence, we shall approach new ways of interactive ‘drive-in cinemas’, where we can have nearly the same experience of a good movie, good sound, popcorns, soda or coffee (~a good project with effective facilitation and catering).

That’s why HKS-Consult has developed a new live streaming setup, a dialogue oriented drive-in cinema, that delivers effective virtual meetings and workshops, that ensures engagement and ownership amongst the participants.

Advantages for an virtual workshop is e.g.:

  • The participants get a more interactive /dialogued based workshops, simply because they can see and understand more what is going on
  • The participants don’t have to be guided through many (boaring) slides accompanied by a small talking head i the lower right corner
  • The participants kan follow what is happening in the meeting room via live-streaming
  • The leader of the meeting/The facilitator can benefit of using e.g. whiteboard and flip chart for drawing and explaining issues
  • The leader of the meeting can in a more easy fashion chip-in informations supporting eventual slides


  • Caminar: It’s webinar look-like meeting, utilising more than one camera
  • 4: The setup includes 4 cameras
    • One shows the whiteboard
    • One shows the flip chart
    • One shows the leader of the meeting (in high res)
    • One shows the live streaming studie itself
  • Pros: Professional Project Processes

Order a sharp meeting or a sharp workshop – Order a ticket to an exciting movie (~an effective workshop).

HKS-Consult delivers a sharp facilitation and sharp video streaming. Contakt us for getting more info.


See more on YouTube (Danish spoken but the setup can be seen): ‘FRA BIOGRAFEN TIL DRIVE-IN BIO – INTERAKTIVE WORKSHOPS‘. Click here.

Technical setup:

Here you see the technical setup illustrated (by

HKS-Consult delivers live the streaming studio. Yoy can eventually use you own HDMI camera (B) and do live streaming of your own whiteboard, which then is projected on Screen B. Then it’s even more interactive.

Sample from a workshop (with a Successive Analysis):

Here you see a sample form a workshop – an analysis of an Uk investment budget.

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HKS-Consult and partners offer to organize workshops where a project, a business case, an tender offer or a project portfolio is analyzed.

The analysis may, for example, be focused on an overall schedule, budget, bidding or an analysis of the company’s portfolio to optimize the good projects and stop the ‘bad’ projects.

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HKS-Consult trains employees to become facilitators specializing in implementing Successive Workshops with different types of analyzes.

The training includes, for example:

  • Introduction to the underlying theory
  • Training in the psychological pitfalls to avoid
  • Training via own or case projects

Requirements for the participant are:

  • That the person has previously facilitated project groups
  • That the person is curious on their own way to act in a group process
  • That the person works with positive feedback
  • That the person is open-minded and curious about how a process is carried out

The training can be done in Danish, English or ‘Scandinavian’


  • The company gets more Robust Budgets & Plans – that keeps
  • The company increases its project efficiency and competitiveness
  • The company as a minimum stabilizes or better increases its EBIT
  • The company can more easily recruit qualified employees
  • The company experiences less stress in the projects and with the employees

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